Getting the right home office chair!

Within this post I want to be put into detail about acquiring the right chair for your home office to rach maximum productiveness. It seems not really that much important. You just buy some other pricy chair in your favourite place have you been usually buying furniture. Their is much more behind it. There is a “secret” about this.

You may believe damn how could I be that stupid an buy an chair for 500-1000$ when I‘m getting some solid looking chair between 200$? Simple as that, almost all of you are over 6 hours every day in your office and sitting for sure greater than 5 hours daily on the same chair. You don’t need to sit there due to this long time as soon as your position harms your back. I hope this can finally open up your eyes.

When your punching the age of 50 you would like to feel like a 30 yeard old and never like an “old” man having an really bad back. So what is the proper position I should sit when I’m working? The right chair can be an investment for your long run when your saving money later since you bought this chair aside from the chiropractor.

This is just how you should sit when you need to sit ergonomically.
Just read here if you want to know something about human ergonomics and such.
Be certain that you don’t must stretch your arms while wanting to type. In the end it will harm your shoulder.
You need to make without doubt your chair you intend to buy has adjustable height and arms that may easily adjusted if something is wrong. When sitting in front of an computer your arms ought to be at a 9-degree angle while typing.

I have talket to a few blog readers which have contacted me over email, and surveys revealed that many people want to read about meditation methods to work with way more effectiveness. This will be in our next post!


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