The default mode

If your focusing something, your brain is in the so called Focus Mode. That means that there are many brain regions which are working and connecting together to accomplish hard tasks like a arithmetical problem. For an successful accomplishment your brain has to concentrate on it with all power. Anyway as I’ve promised to help you be more successful in your home office I have to teach you meditation and since it’s an hard and long way I have to start from the beginning to explain you how your brain really works, nothing biological or chemical. We start from point zero and we come to the „Default Mode“ of your brain. Whenever your doing nothing or just thinking about nothing your brain goes back to the default mode since It’s not in heavy use. Your brain can’t leave this mode for a long time since It’s damaging your brain. Maybe with heavy meditation your brain will raise so it can handle it.
Ok I’ll give you a secret. The default mode has a tendency to get hyperactive. I mean just tell someone to not think and we all know what happens since I’m 100% sure anyone ever had tried to just think nothing.

You simply have to control the different modes and a few other things to get productive in your home office. I’m meaning that if you’r using the default mode to feed your childrens which isn’t a big task since your not have think about complex arithmetical problems you just have to give your childrens something to eat. While your in default mode your brain can relax to get ready for an extremly stressful period.

There is way more behind I’m just giving you what it’s all about.


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