Paper Shredders – An significant way to improve effectivness

You may be confused while I think paper shredders are rapidly raise the overall productivity level of your work, you may be right but the best paper shredder will surely does. Firstly I want to explain why there are so important in my eyes, I’m in an job were big creativity is needed so everytime I’m needing an clean mind whenever I want to start again or if I’m at a new project.
You can must threat an paper shredder as the ultimative rubbish at the end, the graveyard of bad ideas as I would call it.
Let me give you some example which my prove my theory.
Your working there in your own home office in your own house, your childrens are sleeping and you can finally be full dedicated to the project and your level of concentration is extremly high. Then you start pulling out some ideas out of nowhere which your sure will help your company to be way more successful and your boss will be much statisfied with the work you put in.
You start think of it more and more and make notes. But after hours of intensive thinking and grinding your mind you will come to the conclusion that the idea were not working from the beginning it was a bad idea which is pointless in they way you’ve think of it. It will surely hit you hard and you will for sure lost extremly much concentration and bad feelings come across. Then you have your high quality paper shredder which you look at as a cut between what you actually think and what will be behind that.
Your turning on the paper shredder and whil your putting the notes in you make for yourself a cut. This is a great way to end the bad feelings which aren’t letting you be successfull as you may be.

What you think?
I mean when you use a paper shredder as a cut between old and new you will surely have a powerful way for your mind.Ok you may think that it isn’t needed at all since you can just throw the notes in the basket but this won’t get you far with your inner mind I mean a shredder is way more than a throw it makes quite loud sound and will shred the notes to complete unreadability.
You got it right?
Ok but which paper shredder? It’s a WAY more complex question as you may just think I will go to amazon and buy the cheapest I can find, there are many many differences between the blades like the cross-cut shredder and the micro-cut shredder but there are also differences in security levels like P-4, P7 and last but not least there a some which are proven to be used in the near of childrens due to their awesome security features so nobody get hurt.
It was hard for me to find a  paper shredder which fits my needs so I’ve found  this site  which were helping me to find the model which is perfect for me.


The default mode

If your focusing something, your brain is in the so called Focus Mode. That means that there are many brain regions which are working and connecting together to accomplish hard tasks like a arithmetical problem. For an successful accomplishment your brain has to concentrate on it with all power. Anyway as I’ve promised to help you be more successful in your home office I have to teach you meditation and since it’s an hard and long way I have to start from the beginning to explain you how your brain really works, nothing biological or chemical. We start from point zero and we come to the „Default Mode“ of your brain. Whenever your doing nothing or just thinking about nothing your brain goes back to the default mode since It’s not in heavy use. Your brain can’t leave this mode for a long time since It’s damaging your brain. Maybe with heavy meditation your brain will raise so it can handle it.
Ok I’ll give you a secret. The default mode has a tendency to get hyperactive. I mean just tell someone to not think and we all know what happens since I’m 100% sure anyone ever had tried to just think nothing.

You simply have to control the different modes and a few other things to get productive in your home office. I’m meaning that if you’r using the default mode to feed your childrens which isn’t a big task since your not have think about complex arithmetical problems you just have to give your childrens something to eat. While your in default mode your brain can relax to get ready for an extremly stressful period.

There is way more behind I’m just giving you what it’s all about.

Getting the right home office chair!

Within this post I want to be put into detail about acquiring the right chair for your home office to rach maximum productiveness. It seems not really that much important. You just buy some other pricy chair in your favourite place have you been usually buying furniture. Their is much more behind it. There is a “secret” about this.

You may believe damn how could I be that stupid an buy an chair for 500-1000$ when I‘m getting some solid looking chair between 200$? Simple as that, almost all of you are over 6 hours every day in your office and sitting for sure greater than 5 hours daily on the same chair. You don’t need to sit there due to this long time as soon as your position harms your back. I hope this can finally open up your eyes.

When your punching the age of 50 you would like to feel like a 30 yeard old and never like an “old” man having an really bad back. So what is the proper position I should sit when I’m working? The right chair can be an investment for your long run when your saving money later since you bought this chair aside from the chiropractor.

This is just how you should sit when you need to sit ergonomically.
Just read here if you want to know something about human ergonomics and such.
Be certain that you don’t must stretch your arms while wanting to type. In the end it will harm your shoulder.
You need to make without doubt your chair you intend to buy has adjustable height and arms that may easily adjusted if something is wrong. When sitting in front of an computer your arms ought to be at a 9-degree angle while typing.

I have talket to a few blog readers which have contacted me over email, and surveys revealed that many people want to read about meditation methods to work with way more effectiveness. This will be in our next post!